Tour along the Berlin Wall Trail

spy bridge

The tours that we have started running over at Slow Travel Berlin seem to be taking off in a big way, and if you go to this page you will see many different fascinating tours coming up in the next few weeks. I have another cultural-historical neighbourhood tour of Wedding next Sunday (19th May) which I am really looking forward to, and a week later on Sunday 26th May I will be heading south with a small group to walk a 12 kilometre stretch of the Berlin Wall Trail, between Griebnitzsee and Wannsee.

Last summer I did a test walk of this route, which I wrote about here, and it is one of those walks that proves that the very edge of the city can be as interesting as the centre. The walk begins with the villas that housed Churchill, Truman and Stalin during the 1945 Potsdam Conference, takes us past enclaves completely surrounded by the Berlin Wall, old royal palaces and a bridge where spies were exchanged during the Cold War, before a beautiful walk along the banks of the Havel towards Wannsee – West Berlin’s “beach resort” where, in a shady villa at the end of a leafy street, leading members of the Nazi government met to discuss plans for the “final solution” and the murder of six million Jews in Europe.

The walk will take around four to five hours, and there are still a few spaces left. The best place to book is on the tour page at Slow Travel Berlin. And please take the time to look at some of the other tours that are happening over the next couple of weekends… a great way to explore some different corners of the city, and to hear some stories you might otherwise have missed.

2 thoughts on “Tour along the Berlin Wall Trail

  1. notmsparker

    Reblogged this on KREUZBERG´D and commented:
    In case you had no plans yet for the next weeks, here´s a fantastic opportunity knocking on your door:-) Paul´s tour of Wedding or Anna´s of Neukölln are a real treat and all other tours are simply bound to make your time worthwhile.
    Just make sure your shoes are comfy, your water bottle filled and that your sunglasses sit on your nose. Otherwise, all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

  2. berlioz1935

    And when you arrive on the Potsdam end of the bridge stop at the “Garage du Pont” for a cup of coffee and some cake. It is a cafe with a French theme – divine.

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