(Photo: Under a somewhat grey sky, not far from Salzburg)

Urban walks, hillside rambles, lakes and rivers, pub beergardens and seaside ice cream… dispatches from beyond the front door, whatever the weather…

Under a Grey Sky is written by Paul Scraton. Paul is a writer and editor who grew up in Lancashire in the north of England and now lives in Berlin, Germany. Among various projects, Paul is the Editor in Chief of Elsewhere: A Journal of Place and also contributes to Slow Travel Berlin, Caught by the River, and has worked as an editorial assistant on the Europe by Rail guidebook, published by Thomas Cook.

You can find information about Paul’s guided walks in Berlin here, and his books and other publications here.

Most of the photography featured on Under a Grey Sky is by Katrin Schönig. Katrin was born in Berlin, grew up on the Baltic, and uses photography as a means of exploring her own passion for place. You can visit Katrin’s Instagram page here.

The Grey Sky Appreciation Society:

Since Under a Grey Sky was launched in 2011, there have been a number of guest contributors to the website including: Dave Long, Tom Salmon, Tony Platt, Jasmine Salmon, Julia Stone, Chris Hughes, Annika Ruohonen, Andy Short, David Salmon, Sharon Blackie, Sheila Scraton, Matt Lancashire, George McKinney, Tim Halpin, Phil Scraton, Nick Hunt, Beatrix Campbell, Terry Enright, Ciarán Ó Brolcháin, Diana Hale, Barry Sheppard, Bree Carlton, Miles Richardson, Ian Hill. Thanks to all who have taken the time to write for Under a Grey Sky.


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