Upcoming Events:

Alone, Together at DRIFT FESTIVAL – Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, DE – 6 May 2023
Following the path of Heine, Bach and Clare through landscape and worlds. Reading and conversation with Jürgen Ghebrezgiabiher – Festival website

Salon Weißensee #1 – Galerie Arnarson-Sehmer, Berlin, DE – 20 April 2023
Quiet Flows the River – Reading, music and art exhibition with Faruk Šehić and Kate McNaughton – Gallery website

Why Read Brigitte Reimann? – Curious Fox, Berlin, DE – 29 March 2023
Conversation with Reimann’s translator Lucy Jones – Event details

Past Events:

Joseph Roth and Our Berlin – Lettretage, Berlin, DE – 11 March 2023
Reading and discussion with Sanders Isaac Bernstein, Julia Bosson and Alexander Wells

In the Pines – Books, Books, Books, Lausanne, CH – 24 June 2022
Reading from the novella

The Undercurrents & Built on Sand – Dussmann, Berlin, DE – 31 May 2022
Reading and discussion with Kirsty Bell & Alexander Wells

In the Pines & Nettles – Blackwell’s Manchester, UK – 17 May 2022
With Adam Scovell & Valerie O’Riordan

Supporting Musa Okwonga – Geist im Glas, Berlin, DE – 20 March 2022
Reading from IN THE PINES in support of Musa’s audiobook launch for IN THE END IT WAS ALL ABOUT LOVE as a fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees in Berlin.

Berlino Blues – Conversation around the Italian edition of ‘Built on Sand’ – BookPride, Milan, ITA – 6 March 2022
With Virginia Nesi and Cristina Cigognini

In the Pines – Book Launch and Exhibition – Galerie Arnarson & Sehmer, Berlin, DE – 20 November 2021
Discussion and reading with Eymelt Sehmer & Alex Wells

Happy in Berlin Closing Event – Literaturhaus Berlin, Berlin, DE – 31 July 2021
Discussion and reading with Musa Okwonga & Sofia Permiakova

Wanderlust & Memories of Elsewhere – Online – 14 December 2020
Discussion with Sara Bellini, Anna Evans and Marcel Krueger (video here)

Am Rand: Um ganz Berlin – Galerie Oqbo, Berlin, DE – 20 May 2020
video reading and discussion (video here)

The Other Side? Art & Borders – Dortmunder U, Dortmund, DE – 13 February 2020
panel discussion with Susanna Schoenberg, Marcel Krueger and Anna Mager

Built on Sand and the Stories of Berlin – Roe River Books, Dundalk, IRE – 22 November 2019
reading and discussion with Marcel Krueger

Built on Sand and the Stories of Berlin – No Alibis Bookstore, Belfast, UK/IRE – 21 November 2019
reading and discussion with Marcel Krueger

A Sense of Place – Greenwich Book Festival, London, UK – 15 June 2019
reading and discussion with Deirdre Shanahan and Gonzalo C Garcia

Influx at Hyde Park Book Club – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, UK – 10 June 2019
reading with Clare Fisher, Chérie Taylor Battiste and S.K. Perry, hosted by Gary Budden

Writing Urban Space – The White Hart, Stoke Newington Literary Festival, London, UK – 9 June 2019
reading and discussion with Gareth E Rees, Ashley Hickson-Lovence and Alice Stevenson

Divided Cities @ WoWFest 2019 – 81 Renshaw, Liverpool, UK – 28 May 2019
reading with Gary Budden and Bahriye Kemal

Imagined Cities – Sir Savigny Hotel, Berlin, DE – 5 May 2019
reading with Charlotte Wührer, Gary Budden, Linda Mannheim & Donna Stonecipher

Built on Sand Germany Launch – Curious Fox Books, Berlin, DE – 2 May 2019
including conversation with Gary Budden (Influx Press) and readings form the book

Berlin Stories – Built on Sand at Blackwell’s, Manchester, UK – 24 April 2019
including conversation with Gary Budden (Influx Press) and David Cooper (MMU)

Built on Sand at The Book Corner – 7pm at The Book Corner, Halifax, UK – 18 April 2019
including conversation with Gary Budden (Influx Press) and readings from the book

Built on Sand UK Launch – 7pm at Burley Fisher Books, London, UK – 16 April 2019
including conversation with Gary Budden (Influx Press) and readings from the book

Brexit: And What Now? – at Literaturhaus Berlin, Berlin, DE – 29 March 2019
Brexit Wake featuring line-up of Berlin-based writers including Priya Basil, Patricia Duncker, Ben Fergusson, Alec Finley, Jo Frank, Lucy Jones, Scott Martingell, Kate McNoughton, Jacinta Nandi, Alistair Noon and Musa Okwanga

Literally Speaking: Metamorphosis – at Lettretage, Berlin, DE – 18 January 2019
with Dorothée Fraleux, Divya Ghelani, William Hillier and Joel Thomas

The corridor No.05 – Publication launch – at Roe River Books, Dundalk, Ireland – 19 October 2018
Journal launch plus readings from Ghosts on the Shore, with Marcel Krueger, Anne Mager and Tom Muckian

Ghosts on the Shore – at Ilkley Literature Festival, UK – 30 September 2018
Author Q&A and readings from the book.

Invisible Borders – at Writing on the Wall, Liverpool, UK – 15 May 2018
In discussion with Marcel Krueger and Andy Davies about how borders have influenced personal and collective memory.

Journeys through Memory – at Curious Fox Books, Berlin, DE – 13 March 2018
with Marcel Krueger

Uncanny Coasts – at ElectricPalace, Hastings, UK – 2 March 2018
with Gary Budden, Eymelt Sehmer, Gareth E Rees & Rebecca E Marshall

Uncanny Waters – at The Social, London, UK – 28 February 2018
with Gary Budden, Eymelt Sehmer and Gareth E Rees

Journeys through Memory – at No Alibis, Belfast, UK/IRE – 23 November 2017
with Marcel Krueger

The Corridor No.03 – Borders, Walking & Writing – at The Spirit Store, Dundalk, IRE – 22 November 2017
with Garrett Carr, Evelyn Conlon and Marcel Krueger

Journeys through Memory – at Winding Stair, Dublin, IRE – 21 November 2017
with Marcel Krueger

Collective Ghost Story – at The Love Story of Berlin, Berlin, DE – 7 November 2017
with Literally Speaking Berlin and SAND Journal

Journeys through Memory: The German Baltic and the Berlin Wall – at Bangor University, Bangor, UK – 1 November 2017
with Anna Saunders

Elsewhere No.05 – Circus Berlin, Berlin, DE – 13 July 2017
Journal launch and fundraiser

Ghosts on the Shore – Burley Fisher Books, London, UK – 21 June 2017
London Book launch

Ghosts on the Shore – FC Magnet, Berlin, DE – 16 June 2017
Berlin Book launch and film screening

Conversations about Berlin Literature – Circus Berlin, Berlin, DE – 16 March 2017
with Marcel Krueger

Stories from Elsewhere – Zabriskie, Berlin, DE – 18 November 2016
with Saskia Vogel and Nicky Gardner

Democracy & Populism – Luisenbad Bibliothek, Berlin, DE – September 2016
with Marcel Krueger

Elsewhere No.03 – Ost-Post, Berlin, DE – March 2016
Journal launch

Elsewhere No.01 – Cafe Tasso, Berlin, DE – June 2015
Journal launch

Urban Voids – Lettretage, Berlin, DE – March 2015
Book launch for The Idea of a River

Mauerweg: Stories from the Berlin Wall Trail – Circus Berlin, Berlin, DE – November 2014
Book launch with Paul Sullivan and Marcel Krueger