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Steam bending by Tom Raffield

Tom Raffield makes furniture and lightening at his workshop in Redruth, Cornwall, using a technique called steam bending, drawing inspiration for his designs from the wilderness, tranquility and natural beauty of his surroundings. Despite being extremely busy, he was kind enough to answer some questions about his work and process.

Can you expand a little on how your surroundings have influenced your work?

I really learnt to appreciate my surroundings. We lived in quite an isolated area growing up and as I grew older I started to see the beauty within the nature surrounding me. I always loved drawing and making things and these abstract shapes and forms I drew or made were either directly or indirectly influenced by what I saw. I am very happy in this kind of environment and this helps me be more creative. Continue reading

St. Jude’s Fabric and Prints

(above: Doveflight by Mark Hearld, with permission from St. Jude’s)

I discovered St. Jude’s through their lovely blog All Things Considered, and was immediately struck by the designs that come from a wide range of artists and are available as fabrics or as prints. Many of the designs and prints take inspiration from landscape and the natural world, and there is something about them that gives me a feeling of certain places I have known. Maybe it is just the style of some of the artists, and I cannot put my finger on it, but this feeling is certainly there and I have to admit that just flicking through the website left me a little homesick. Continue reading