Konrad-Wolf-Straße, Berlin


A few weeks ago Katrin, Lotte and I went for a stroll through the district of Hohenschönhausen. Out of this Sunday walk I wrote an article for Slow Travel Berlin and Katrin took a series of photographs of a street that she knows very well…

“At the northern end of Hohenschönhausen’s Konrad-Wolf-Straße, after a row of shops and the café where I once sat and had one of my first coffees with my partner Katrin, there is an empty space. Back when we sat in that café, ten years ago or more, there was a school here, set just back from the road. Katrin’s high school, to be precise, which she attended through the nineties after the wall had come down and her family moved south from Stralsund.”

Read the rest of the article on Slow Travel Berlin



















Pictures by Katrin Schönig

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