Hiking at Lake Kukuljärvi, Finland

By Annika Ruohonen

Finns who live by the sea like to celebrate the last weekend in August as the last weekend of summer. We call it Venetsialaiset, the Venetians and to celebrate it most people like to go boating or spend time in their summer cottages. It is a celebration of water, fire and light. Due to the midnight sun, most summer nights aren’t dark here at all, and that is why August nights are special for us – dark and warm nights with the sound of crickets and the mirror like reflections of fireworks and bonfires on waters.

I went for a hike around Lake Kukuljärvi with a friend. You can find the lake in the middle of a gorgeous forest and unlike many lakes in Finland the water in this one is clear and the area around it relatively untouched. She picked mushrooms while I took photos. I went for a swim in the lake and we spent the rest of the lazy afternoon enjoying the warmth of the sun on the cliffs of the east end of the lake. Finding that state of being in which you don’t have to say a word or do anything. Restoring our energy in the sounds of nature and the rays of the sun.

Words & Pictures: Annika Ruohonen

This first appeared on Annika’s wonderful website, where you will find many more glorious images and fine words.

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