January in Finland

By Annika Ruohonen:

It has been snowing since Wednesday. After a dark December we can now enjoy snowy January. I have been roaming the  coastline, but since there hasn’t been any direct sunlight, the photos remain quite dark even when shooting during daylight hours.

There is a deer feeder in the forest where I’ve been often lately and today I happened to see three deer running on a slope with snowy trees. It was such a delightful view. I hope to catch some photos of those three some time later. The forest is full of deer marks and it is so enjoyable to follow them. You can see how they’ve been running around enjoying the snow. The snow is about knee-deep at the moment, so with good gear walking in it is not a problem at all. I didn’t bring my snowshoes today but I still managed to walk in places where there weren’t any snowmobile tracks. It is a good work-out though, not to mention the snow-clearing job that was waiting for me in my home yard.

After seeing the deer I decided to go to the same direction they went, figuring they’d show me the best places, and they did. I found a wonderful spot right by the sea on a hill. I’m sure I will go back to that place many times. There were lots of birds in the reeds, I’d love to find out if they were bearded tits, they are not very common around these areas. Maybe I’ll see them also again some time later.

So, this is January in Finland. We’ve got the snow now, hoping we’ll also get some sunlight soon.

Words and Pictures: Annika Ruohonen

This post originally appeared on Annika’s own website and we reproduce it here with her kind permission. As with all material on Under a Grey Sky, the copyright of words and pictures belong to their creators.

6 thoughts on “January in Finland

  1. chillic82

    stunning. The Finnish could teach us a thing or two about coping with snow here in England. We get an inch and people start to panic 🙂 Love the photos and love the gloomy light. Nice and moody.

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  3. Elin

    It was the lure of the northern landscape and Finland post that drew me in to this blog – I have enjoyed reading many of the other posts. Nice blog. 🙂

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