Sweetness and Blood: Surfing the World


The film is a trailer for Michael Scott Moore’s Sweetness and Blood: How Surfing Spread from Hawaii and California to the Rest of the World, With Some Unexpected Results. In the book Mike travels the world – Israel, the Gaza Strip, West Africa, Great Britain, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Cuba, and Morocco  – to explore surfing and surf culture, and since its publication (paperback last year, hardback in 2010) it has recieved some wonderful reviews:

“Moore writes in a spirit closer to Bruce Chatwin’s In Patagonia than the latest issue of Carve. … What he has done, subtly and beguilingly, is write a book about surfing that often is not really about surfing but about simply being alive (and, in some cases, dead).” – Andy Martin, New York Times Book Review

We will be posting an extract from the book here on Under a Grey Sky, probably by the end of next week, so watch this space.

Also check out: Michael Scott Moore’s website and blog.

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