A Journey to Scotland


By Julia Stone:

Ever since I was a small child my mom has been telling me how great Scotland is, the beauty of the landscapes and the friendly people that she met, and how she really wanted to eat haggis… the delicacy that she missed on her first trip over 35 years ago. So in October we made a trip – her return to Scotland – for our annual mother-daughter journey together.

In Edinburgh we rented a car for ten days we drove across the country, stopping a lot, walking a lot, and all of our expectations were exceeded. There were many moments that triggered memories for my mom, and I think it was our nicest trip together so far. Maybe I am growing older, but for the past couple of years I have found myself yearning more and more for nature, and for water and trees in particular… something that is perhaps reflected in my photographs from our journey to Scotland…








Words & Pictures: Julia Stone

3 thoughts on “A Journey to Scotland

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