The best view in North Wales?


We have been here on Under a Grey Sky before, but we make no apology… for a good number of the contributors, the Rhoscolyn headland is a very special place, and one of our number who wants to take us back there, asking a question of our readers as he does so whilst leaving those of us a long way from North Wales feeling distinctly homesick, is Chris Hughes:

Is this the best view in North Wales? If it’s not, it must be one of the best and certainly one of the most extensive. I have thought hard about posing this question and putting it out into a  ‘public arena’ but in doing so I am really asking all those of you who visit North Wales to walk, climb, canoe, paint, photograph or picnic by the side of your car to express an opinion and, preferably, post you own contender for the title of “Best View in North Wales”.

For those of you who are not familiar with this magnificent view the photograph is taken from the headland at Rhoscolyn a short walk from Outdoor Alternative. The scene shows the full range of the Snowdonia mountains starting on the left with the Carnedds, Glyders, the Snowdon range, the Nantle ridge and then out to the mountains along the Lleyn Peninsula and eventually as far as the island of Bardsey.

These photographs were taken early – well early-ish – on a sunny Sunday morning a few weeks ago. I have lost count of the number of times I have photographed this scene. In storms, with the sea crashing over the low cliffs; at sunset with the mountains glowing pink even late at night with the moon reflected across the bay across to Rhosneiger. But this Sunday was one of the best, clear and still with an intriguing sea mist clinging lowdown to the coast separating the hills from the sea.

And so onwards along the path…


…and on…


… and on…


Each time trying to find the best foreground, a new angle and a slightly different – and better version of “The Best View in North Wales”.

But it just is good enough all on its own, isn’t it?


Does anyone know a better one?

If you would like to contribute your own “best view”, of North Wales or indeed anywhere else that touches you especially, then please get in contact through the comments or by emailing paulscraton (at) gmail (dot) com.

Words & Pictures: Chris Hughes

2 thoughts on “The best view in North Wales?

  1. Phil Scraton

    Ahh Chris, you’ve taken the number one slot … It is, if my memory serves me well, exactly forty years ago since I first walked this path not knowing then how much this walk/ run/ climb/ kayak/ sail would mean to me and so many of our family and friends over the following four decades. I can’t begin to estimate how many people we’ve brought to Rhoscolyn in friendship groups, student fieldtrips, celebrations, memorials. Like you there are so many photographs and the place is never the same on two consecutive days … the elements, the tide races and so on. So now I have to select my ‘second best view. in North Wales!!!!

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