Architecture of East Berlin Tour – this coming Saturday

As regular readers might know, I have written a number of pieces for Slow Travel Berlin – so I might be a little biased when I say what a wonderful and informed resource it is for travellers and even locals to the city, but there you have it. Recently, Slow Travel Berlin have begun offering some tours (another project I am involved in) and this coming Saturday, the 27th October, they are hosting a very special tour through the architecture of East Berlin, led by Richard Carter. Here are some more details:

About the tour

During the years of the Cold War, the former historic centre of Berlin underwent a radical transformation to become the centrepiece of the socialist East German state. Drawing on brand new, original archival research, this tour will take you on a chronological journey through the centre of former East Berlin, providing fresh insight into its complex and intriguing history.

It will explore flagship housing, socialist tourist-magnets and an attempt at reviving the past in concrete, highlighting hard-to-spot details and telling the deeper story behind some of the city’s most well known structures. Unique old photos and documents will be used to help tell the story of the area’s cold war transformation and its roots in Berlin’s more distant past.

About Richard

Richard Carter has been delving into Berlin’s past for the last 12 years, including studying for a BA in German and an MA in German History. He enjoys exploring obscure corners of the city, and likes to share his discoveries on his website, He has provided his expertise to organisations including the BBC and British Midland International and he has held numerous successful lectures and workshops at schools and universities across the UK.

It will be a fascinating exploration of the city and I am more than a little sad to be missing it. You can book tickets for the tour (and places are limited) here.

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