Elsewhere No.04 – With essays from Prague and Rhoscolyn


I am extremely proud to report that we have just launched the fourth edition of Elsewhere: A Journal of Place. Long-term readers of Under a Grey Sky will know that I am the editor-in-chief of Elsewhere and founded the journal in 2015 with the incredibly talented Julia Stone as the Creative Director. In the journal you will find writing, interviews, photography and reviews all relating somehow to the topic of place, and one of the most striking elements I feel are Julia’s illustrations which can be found throughout.

We have had a great response to previous editions, including nice reviews and quotes from the likes of Robert Macfarlane and Monocle magazine, and we have published some very talented writers that it has been an absolute pleasure to work with. In Elsewhere No.04 I have two essays; one on the subject of memory, literature and memorials on the streets of Prague; and one on memory, nostalgia and landscape on the headland of Rhoscolyn. Aside from my feelings about the journal as a whole, I am very proud of both of these pieces of writing. Here are a couple of brief snippets from both:


“I stop now at the point where Palach died and where, laid into the cobblestoned pavement, a sunken cross has been left in memory of the two young men. As I stand there, people pass either side of me, on their way to work or to the station, following their daily routines.”


“If I dream of home, it is not the lettuce fields of the West Lancashire plain, but the white horses of the Irish Sea, dancing around the rocks of Rhoscolyn beacon or the mouth of the bay…”

Many of you reading this have already supported the journal via the crowdfunding campaign last year or by ordering individual copies and it is greatly appreciated. Elsewhere contains no advertising and is thus entirely funded through sales. Needless to say, no-one is getting rich from Elsewhere and we need continuing support in order to keep the journal going. So if you haven’t already, please consider buying a copy or two (all four editions are available via the online shop) and please share this post with any friends you think might be interested in what we are up to.

Elsewhere: A Journal of Place website
Elsewhere Online Shop

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